Mt. Hamilton ride for Garden City Wheelmen — July 1888

Cyclists were rapidly moving to the safety bike in 1888.

From The San Jose Mercury News, July 18, 1888

Last Sunday the Garden City Wheelmen had a run to Mt. Hamilton and return.

“The following members took part in the run: A. C. McK, David Render, Yousta Hensill, Joseph Desimone [Desimone family owned a bike shop in San Jose], Alex. Gamosett, and D. L. Thornton.

Notwithstanding the excessive heat the long grade was climbed with comparative ease. Arriving at Smiths Creek in due time, the wheelmen repaired to the hotel where a substantial repast was awaiting them, to which each did exact justice. [A telephone was installed at Smith Creek hotel as early as 1884]

The ensuing seven miles proved a hard climb, but the Observatory was soon reached. Professor Keeler took the party in charge, and showed them through the observatory and described the various instruments in a manner not only courteous but entertaining.

The return trip in the afternoon was decidedly exciting, and compensated for the labor in the fore part of the day. The long miles were quickly covered at a rate of speed of ten to twenty miles per hour.

San Jose was reached at 7 o’clock, and all expressed themselves well pleased with one of the longest runs of the season. The Garden City Wheelmen have purchased an elegant gold medal to be competed for in a series of road races, the first race to occur in the near future.”

Vintage Rover safety bike reconditioned in all its glory.

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