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Photo of the Week

January 29, 2012

Specialized has its headquarters in Morgan Hill, about 20 miles south of San Jose off Hwy 101. I had never been there, so I stopped by on my Uvas Reservoir loop ride. Owner Mike Sinyard has come a long way from selling parts out of his van. (Click on photo for panorama.)

Photo of the Week

January 1, 2012

Mt. Hamilton summit was a zoo on New Year's day as the Porsche crowd showed up along with cyclists to enjoy the sun and 60 degree temperatures.

Mike Jacoubowsky, right, and his son Kevin were joined by three other riders for a traditional New Year's day ride up Mt. Hamilton. Mike, who owns Chain Reaction Bicycles in Redwood City, remembered another ride several years ago where the weather was not nearly so nice. Mike is looking forward to finishing the store remodel by mid-January.

I’m a fair-weather rider when it comes to riding on Mt. Hamilton, which means I don’t ride up it too often in January. Today was an exception. I’ve been to the top on New Year’s day before, but this ranks as the warmest I can remember.

Dozens and dozens of cyclists climbed to the top as part of their New Year’s resolution, or just to enjoy the sun. More than 30 Porsches joined us.

I figured I’d see Mike Jacoubowsky on the ride up because he does it every year. Sure enough, with about two miles to the summit he passed me, along with his son and three other riders. Mike rides nearly daily from his shop and writes about the experience in his blog. You’ve got to read about the New Year’s day 2006 ride where they were nearly blown off the mountain.

Photo of the Week

December 10, 2011

Beach weather. Well not exactly. Santa Cruz had a low of 37 degrees today, but when I got there it was 60 on East Cliff Drive. Tom Sullivan, Amsterdam Bicycles, was busy building bikes for Keith Bontrager. We had a good talk before I headed home via Mountain Charlie Road.

Photo of the Week

November 27, 2011

This Halloween display looks so quaint at the intersection of Jamison Creek Road and Hwy 236 a few miles north of Boulder Creek. The climb on Jamison to Empire Grade has stretches of 16 percent, although it is scenic.

Photo of the Week

November 6, 2011

A beautiful garden on Oak Glen Avenue before the rain.

Sunday I just had to ride the new bike, so I headed south hoping to avoid the rain. On Oak Glen Avenue, one my favorite roads, I stopped to take a photo.

Every time I stopped (3 times in all) someone asked me “Are you all right?” Once, I was taking a photo, camera in hand. I guess anytime someone isn’t cycling it warrants this mindless question. If I’m not all right or need help, you’ll be the first to know! I’ll wave you down, lie in the street, scream at the top of my lungs.

I got the question as I fixed a flat. Every time passing riders ask the inevitable question, I suggest they stop to fix the flat, but they laugh and keep riding. Wait. You just asked me if your help was needed, and I asked for it.

Andy Rooney may be gone, but there are more than enough of us curmudgeons out there to fill his shoes.

On the way home the skies turned gray and the rain came in buckets, for about three minutes, enough to leave me soaking wet and wishing I had brought my rain gear.

Photo of the Week: Coast Highway

October 23, 2011

Highway 1 overlook approaching Pescadero turnoff.

Could Sunday be any better for riding? I rode up Old LaHonda and down Old to 84 on the way to the coast. Old LaHonda has more new pavement. There’s still a stop light on 84 approaching La Honda.

On the coast I headed south with hazy skies and moderate swell on the vast Pacific. At the overlook before the descent to the Pescadero turnoff I stopped and admired the view. A Japanese tourist riding a folding bike caught up and I took his photo.

As I rode up Pescadero Road I had a chance to see the whimsical triceratops and mammoth located on a landowner’s farm. I miss seeing the Terminator on Stage Road. Too bad it was moved to a more secluded location nearby.

In La Honda I ran into John Woodfill. We rode up Alpine Road while discussing all manner of current events. At Skyline John headed down Page Mill and I went left, riding down Crazy Pete’s Road and Alpine Road.

Poor old Alpine Road has turned into a lumpy bumpy trail. It pains me to see such a glorious road fall into disrepair. So many great memories…

Photo of the Week

October 9, 2011

Almost there. Fine weather for a ride up Mt. Hamilton.

A Muddy Buddy event at Grant Ranch Park highlighted my ride up Mt. Hamilton, but more on that later.

I rode from home through downtown San Jose and up Mt. Hamilton Road, arriving at the base at 8:36 a.m. under foggy skies, which I found surprising after yesterday’s brilliant sunshine.

The fog didn’t dissipate until Halls Valley. Note that our state tax dollars are being put to good use here. The road has been resurfaced in stretches 100 – 200 yards long between Halls Valley and the Smith Creek descent.

One of the more irritating aspects of riding Mt. Hamilton Road is those “holes.” “Bang.” Blame it on ground squirrels. These sociable creatures dig tunnels under the road. Over time the road sags above the tunnel, water accumulates, and eventually a hole forms when left unattended. This isn’t how all the holes form, but it accounts for many of them.

I noticed a shiny new gate has been installed at the final climb to the observatory off Hwy 130.

Finally, on the descent I came upon the Muddy Buddy contestants driving home — a parade of cars headed down the mountain. Fortunately the tarantula I saw above Grant Ranch crossing the road was spared.

Photo of the Week: Santa Rosa Creek Road

September 10, 2011

It started innocently enough, a gentle climb on Santa Rosa Creek Road leaving Cambria.

It started innocently enough, a gentle climb on Santa Rosa Creek Road leaving Cambria. The ride continued that way until about 1,100 feet altitude. Suddenly the road jerked up three times with 18 percent pitches before the summit at 1,800 feet.

I plunged down the backside toward Hwy 46 into horse country. On the way back I was entertained by a swarm of flies buzzing around my head, as I was unable to reach fly-escape-velocity. Lovely. The temperature went from 49 degrees and fog to 78 degrees and sun.

Photo of the Week: Glenwood Drive in Scotts Valley

August 21, 2011

Glenwood Drive looking south toward Scotts Valley. Scotts Valley High School is just down the road.

Glenwood Drive in 1921 at the same location as above. What happened to all the trees?

I saw this photo of Glenwood Highway in a book recently and immediately recognized its location. The alignment hasn’t changed since the road was built. The concrete roadbed has been covered with asphalt. The photographer climbed up the side of a hill, now covered with oak trees, to get the shot.

The houses on the left were built in the early 2000s. Scotts Valley High School just down the road opened in 1999.

Photo of the Week: Purisima Creek Road

August 14, 2011

Jobst Brandt drinks from Purisima Creek in 1981, and the same location today.

Purisima Creek Road has been a favorite route for Jobst Brandt and friends dating back to the 1960s. Then the road was still being used for logging, which was an ongoing activity in this canyon dating back to the late 1800s.

When Midpeninsula Regional Space District bought the land, the road was renamed a trail, but it’s still wide enough to drive a truck on. In fact, it was recently graded, which is good news, bad news. The good news is that the road is being maintained, but the bad part is the deep tread pattern from the grader’s tires. Bring your full-suspension bike.

We used to drink out of Purisima Creek and as you can see it was clear of brush back then from all the logging. Note that I’m not recommending you drink from here today.

My favorite section is the two miles from the creek (where the road is less steep) to pavement. Sunday was ideal for cycling on the coast — no fog and mild temps.


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