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Photo of the Week

May 21, 2012

Wild iris next to the Haul Road bloom in profusion on one of the finest days of the year.

My Sunday ride took me up Hwy 9, north on Skyline Blvd., down Alpine Road to the Haul Road, south on Wurr Road to Pescadero Road, Stage Road, Hwy 1, up Tunitas Creek Road, down Kings Mountain Road and then home.

You couldn’t have asked for better weather. Hwy 9 has two road repairs underway — at the sagging Saratoga Creek bridge next to the Sanborn Road turnoff and farther up at an exposed rock face that looks ready to give way.

Pescadero townies turned out in droves to greet my passing, hanging colorful flags over the road. They didn’t have to do that. My how the stores have changed over the decades. So hip and trendy today.

Stage Road never looked so nice with yellow flowers lining the road and green fields of hay ripening in the noon sun.

I headed up Tunitas Creek Road and remembered the old days when we hammered all the way. The last three miles was always fun after the stiff lower climb.

Santa Cruz Beckons on a Glorious Day

May 5, 2012

Seen one road in the Santa Cruz Mountains, seen ’em all. This is Bean Creek Road on my ride home from Santa Cruz. It has one nasty section of 14 percent right before Glenwood Drive, otherwise it’s great.

Mountain Charlie Road about a mile up from Glenwood Drive. It’s one of the narrowest roads in the Santa Cruz Mountains, but sees little traffic. No leg cramps today in what had to be perfect weather.

Photo of the Week

April 22, 2012

Hazel Dell Road near Corralitos has a fixer-upper, complete with a truck equally frozen in time in the garage.

Today Hazel Dell Road offered the usual beautiful setting with a burbling creek, cool fog, and no traffic.

Last week I rode Mt. Hamilton around to Livermore and back, but the evidence photos are in my friend’s cell phone. We saw snow at the summit melting furiously in the sun and much more snow in the shadows.

The spring several miles down the backside is so strong that it’s missing the trough! We stopped for the obligatory drink before heading down in perfectly mild weather.

The big disappointment was wildflowers. There weren’t many to speak of. I guess it’s caused by the dry weather followed by heavy rain, which so far hasn’t been enough to set things right. However, the countryside is green and all the creeks are flowing.

As a departure from tradition, we took the southern route: Concannon Blvd., Arroyo Rd., Wetmore Rd. to Vallecitos Rd. and then E. Vineyard Ave. to Pleasanton. I quit riding this way in favor of Stanley Blvd. a million years ago. With the bike lane/road widening on westbound Stanley we didn’t want to risk road repair headaches.

It comes as no surprise south Livermore is built out with luxury homes, but at least the roads are wide in most places and there are bike lanes. Distance is equal.

With construction of the new earthquake-improved dam under way at Calaveras Reservoir we saw lots of trucks parked next to poppy hill. Calaveras Road is closed weekdays to all vehicles, bike included, until mid-June. We stopped to see the bald eagle and its chicks in the high-voltage power line tower.

Today’s ride brought cooler temps, especially on the west descent of Mt. Madonna Road to Corralitos, where the ocean fog had drifted in. I stopped for a sausage sandwich at the store and then headed up Eureka Canyon, which did not suffer any slides this year, hurray.

Photo of the Week

April 1, 2012

North Escape Road in Big Basin State Park took me to the park HQ, undergoing renovation. Drought? The basin is saturated from recent rains, with plenty of small streams flowing freely. This road is being maintained where there have been slides. That's a good sign.

Photo of the Week

March 24, 2012

Here's where the new San Francisco 49ers stadium will be built and open in 2014. It's right next to the San Tomas Aquino Creek Trail. I'm betting the trail will be closed for construction from time to time. Another washout weekend although Sunday was rideable.

Photo of the Week

March 18, 2012

Guadalupe River on a morning with rain squalls in San Jose.

Rain showers. This was one of those days when you were glad you brought along your Showers Pass rain jacket (I charge them for every time I mention their brand. The problem is collecting.) The mighty Guadalupe River flows under Highway 880 near the San Jose airport. I wonder why that path on the other side of the river was built? Was it ever open?

Photo of the Week

March 4, 2012

On my way to Santa Cruz I took paved Gazos Creek Road to Hwy 1. About a mile from the ocean, Gazos Creek Road is one of the more scenic roads in Northern California. Gazos Creek creates an ideal riparian habitat. I've never seen a Riparian, but I will keep looking. Must be one somewhere. What a day for riding!

Photo of the Week

February 19, 2012

Long overdue mirror. Now vehicles going from Old La Honda Road onto Hwy 84 have a chance to see traffic coming up the hill around a nasty blind corner.

Photo(s) of the Week

February 12, 2012

A dirt road in Los Altos Hills that goes somewhere? That's right. The partially paved route comes out on Altamont Road. Then there's a nice descent on dirt back to Moody Road that I hadn't ridden for more than 25 years. It's all part of a Los Altos Hills trail network.

Those braces you see outside this HP building on Tantau Avenue near Pruneridge Avenue are not decorative. They're earthquake retrofit bracings. This location is ground zero for the new Apple "doughnut" building.

At the corner of Mary Avenue and Homestead Road in Sunnyvale, across the street from Homestead High where Steve Jobs attended school, there's a leftover from the Cold War -- a siren.

Photo of the Week

February 5, 2012

Don't miss the outstanding sausage sandwiches at the Corralitos Market and Sausage Company. Highland Way is dry and no slides this year. It was cold early but it warmed up for a nice winter ride.


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