Another February heat wave

This year is looking more and more like 2014 in terms of warm winter weather. That year I rode the Mt. Hamilton loop in January, wearing short sleeves most of the way.

Pescadero Creek County Park website says Haul Road is closed. I think they oversee the road more than Portola Redwoods State Park.

Today was freakish warm, 70s in Pescadero, La Honda, and the coast, but mid 60s on Skyline. What gives?

I headed down Alpine Road after my internal combustion engine whisked me to Skyline. The temperature climbed as I descended.

Even the dark recesses of Alpine Road had pockets of hot air. By the time I started climbing Haskins Hill, I had to remove my long-sleeve jersey.

Second climb of Stage Road. Listen to the crashing of the waves. Why did Stage Road go inland and not follow the coast? Because that’s where people lived.

Covid19 and the CZU fires made 2020 a year to forget as the Loma Mar Store owner gave me the fire details. Strong winds caused the fire to spread at lightning speed.

Forest service fire fighters managed to stop the blaze on the banks of Pescadero Creek, only feet from the store. They also saved the houses on Wurr Road, the final battle line.

Maybe some minor scorching on Wurr Road.

I continued on through Pescadero, basking in temps that soared to the mid 70s. Warm gusts of wind added to my discomfort. How can it be hot in February?

La Honda wasn’t any different, but cooler air finally made the ride more comfortable on Old La Honda Road and on Skyline.

All I had to deal with there was the usual Formula 1 race cars and motorcycles.

I used to do this ride from home on a whim. Now it’s a struggle.

As I ate my chocolate crescent I listened to the patrons of Loma Mar Store discuss the strong winds we’ve been having. “It’s not normal,” one man said.

Tasty fuel.

What is normal? I can relate though. There’s nothing normal about our weather these days.

One Response to “Another February heat wave”

  1. jamesRides Says:

    I stopped into the Loma Mar store last September on a hot day while training for the Mt. Tam ride. I was returning up though Haskins and West Alpine. It’s a very nice store with an exceptional outdoor seating area. It turns out they didn’t carry Gatorade or equivalent “sports” drinks, just canned soda, coffee and giant bottles of water. I would have thought they would carry this type of beverage with all the bike traffic on the road. The baked goods are great but if you have a big thirst buy your drink in Pescadero and stop at the store for coffee. It’s a little pricey but the outdoor seating area makes it worthwhile.

    It sounds like your return trip up to Skyline was on 84. I’ll never ride 84 in the up direction after doing it once – way to unnerving for me given the speed and noise of the traffic. Going down 84 not so bad given the relative speed difference is much less.

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