Palo Alto opens Hwy 101 pedestrian/bike bridge

Palo Alto’s new recreation overcrossing improves baylands access.

After years of work and millions of dollars, cyclists finally have a better way to reach the Palo Alto Baylands.

The wide overcrossing includes interpretive signage and a place to sit.

The trail continues to E. Meadow Drive, which has a bike lane and continues into Palo Alto. Or you can take the lightly traveled Bayshore Road paralleling highway 101.

Judging by the traffic this morning, the bridge will see plenty of wheels for recreation and commuting.

3 Responses to “Palo Alto opens Hwy 101 pedestrian/bike bridge”

  1. Robert Neff Says:

    Hi Ray, Please call it a Bike/Ped, or Active Transportation or just a Highway overpass. I am glad we can all use it for recreation, but also for work commutes, riding to volunteer opportunities, and pedestrian access from a new housing project to Palo Alto, etc.

  2. fr0hickey Says:

    What is ‘interpretive signage’? I walked across it the weekend that it opened, and its better than the one near Oregon Expressway (which happens to be called Embarcadero Crossing, even though its closer to Oregon Expressway than Embarcadero Road).
    Palo Alto should call it the Benjamin Lefkovitz uncrossing replacement bridge (BLURB, for short)!

  3. Ray Hosler Says:

    On the bayshore side there’s a large sign and a metal bench. The sign has information about the baylands.

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