Mirais, Mirais everywhere

What is a Mirai you may ask? It’s a hydrogen fuel cell car made by Toyota. Looks a lot like a Prius.

Today I saw two of these elusive vehicles!

Looking into it, I found out there are a couple of stations in the South Bay and a few more elsewhere in the Bay Area. Nationwide there are only 48 stations (maybe more), almost all of them in California.

So the car’s 400 mile range will get you around most of the state, but that’s all.

I encountered these machines on my way to Almaden Reservoir, where water is about as scarce as hydrogen fuel these days.

The reservoir is 41 percent full — not so bad.

The new bridge over Los Alamitos Creek is quiet today. No workers.

Built in 1935 (refurbished 1964), the bridge needs replacement. Because the span will have a completely new alignment, eliminating a sharp curve, it qualified for a Federal subsidy at 100 percent reimbursement to the county.

New Alamitos Creek Bridge completion set for 2022.
Decent water level. Back in 2014 it was empty.

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