Atmospheric river more like a creek

Lest you think the “atmospheric river” we experienced a couple weeks ago fixed the drought, check out Guadalupe Reservoir.

It’s at 11 percent. Pathetic.

Mt. Tamalpais got plenty of rain, but the South Bay might as well be in the Mojave Desert.

With La Niña in the forecast, we might be looking at a third year of drought, and water rationing.

One Response to “Atmospheric river more like a creek”

  1. Jonathan Blum Says:

    A lot of that modest rainfall probably soaked into the ground rather than running off into reservoirs. Locally, water comes from a lot of different sources, so the situation will depend on the particulars of where your water comes from. But don’t plant any grass yet.

    Please forgive the off-topic comment, but I wanted to tell you that medical researchers investigating a disease cluster got an unexpected lead from your blog (via me). It may not pan out, but they are looking at it. Please feel free to contact me off-line for an explanation.

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