Alpine Road looks the same

Upper Alpine Road hasn’t seen any maintenance,
although this section has always been good.

Recently I mentioned in my blog that a rider told me the Alpine Road improvement, announced by Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District last year, was underway.

I decided to check for myself. I rode down from Page Mill Road for a quarter-mile and that was far enough to tell me nothing has been done in this section.

I didn’t see any evidence of road maintenance or brush removal. Maybe improvements are being made elsewhere, but I had no desire, physically, the check out the entire trail.

Today’s weather couldn’t be nicer, unless you prefer things a little cooler. I rode up Old La Honda Road and wondered what it must have been like back then to try to ride up it on a highwheeler, or down. Impossible? For me, yes.

I’m impressed that a four-horse stagecoach could manage the distance to La Honda and back. It must have been quite the experience.

This was the main stage road to the Pacific Ocean in the 1800s. The Highway 84 route up the eastern slope didn’t come along until much later.

I located Hallidie’s road that intersects with Old La Honda, 0.2 miles from Skyline, and took a photo. The gate is still there with strands of barbed wire for good measure.

Sadly, the road is no longer rideable, and would even be difficult to explore on foot. It’s visible from Old La Honda for a short distance. Trees have fallen over the road and it’s heavily overgrown.

I’m lucky to have ridden down it a couple of times. Life moves on…

Hallidie’s road at Old La Honda Road. Now just a memory.

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