Misery on a mountain

Mt. Hamilton Road has long delays for road work. Avoid until work is finished.

Update (4/21): I filed a request for Caltrans to post an electronic sign at Alum Rock Avenue and Mt. Hamilton Road. They said they did so.

I didn’t see the flashing sign as I rode by Grant Ranch Park on Mount Hamilton Road. Am I blind?

It said “Expect one hour delays.”

They weren’t kidding. Caltran is repaving the entire road at one time. Thus the long delays.

The road was badly damaged by heavy equipment used to douse the Mt. Hamilton fire last August. The fire started north of Mt. Hamilton and spread south, enveloping the summit, but fire fighters kept it from damaging Lick Observatory.

I don’t know if work is continuing on the weekend.

From what I understand, they’re quite a ways down the mountain, so they might not have much more work to do.

Use extreme caution on the road. Dozens of dump trucks are driving up and down the mountain. They take up the ENTIRE ROAD on the curved sections.

I turned around, not wanting to wait two hours. Quimby Road let me avoid the trucks on the way down, but it’s no joy ride. Avoid this road going up or down.

My understanding is that Hwy 236 between Hwy 9 and Big Basin Redwoods State Park is also closed for the same reason. Let me know, if you can confirm.

2 Responses to “Misery on a mountain”

  1. JPO Says:

    I went up there the last 2 weekends and there was no construction at all. Just beautiful smooth pavement.

  2. Michael Says:

    Boulder Creek resident here; can confirm lower 236 is closed about six miles out from town and that upper 236 is closed IIRC 4 miles down from Waterman Gap. Neither for re-paving as such; more general fire damage & safety. The closed road goes through Big Basin State Park, which was destroyed last summer.

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