Santa Cruz Mountains in a blizzard

Jobst Brandt enjoyed riding to Santa Cruz up until his last days on the bike in January 2011. Nothing seemed to bother him when it came to cold weather. Here’s a brief account of a ride that started out nice, but ended up being less than nice. The date was March 31, 2010. His ride started in Palo Alto. From personal email correspondence:

————————-Jobst Brandt on Mt. Hamilton summit, 2001.

“So today I rode over to the coast and down to Santa Cruz in wonderful sunshine and a slight headwind of about 5 mph, but beautiful surf.  In Pescadero waves were smashing in through the tunnel parallel to ones coming in the main inlet. These swells went far inland like surf in the reeds.

Anyway, the wind became a tailwind up HWY 9 and was fun up past Waterman Gap.  However it clouded over and began raining intermittent large drops after the dip a mile above HWY 236.  THEN when I reached the Monterey Bay overlook parking lot the big drops turned to snow and when I reached Saratoga Gap, it was a blizzard. 

I went down HWY 9 to Redwood Lodge where it was still snowing but more lightly.  It just kept getting colder and even had some snow at Stevens Creek Reservoir.

I rode to the BO [Bicycle Outfitter] and Dave [Prion] trucked me home after warming my hands over a hand warmer heater.  That was an amazing change from warm sunshine to snow.  Now I’m dry and comfortable after a shower, dinner, and wash clothes that got a bit dirty splashing through all that water on the road.”

One Response to “Santa Cruz Mountains in a blizzard”

  1. Lawrence Fieman Says:

    Inspirational for the “Ride 30 days in April” multitude.

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