Trail memories keep coming

Here’s a trail off Alpine Road that brings back memories.

As I climbed Alpine Road one sunny day I recalled a ride or two in which Jobst Brandt and I took a trail to our left about a half mile from the end of the pavement, just after the Rapley Road junction.

Back in the mid 1980s it was marked by a gate, but today there’s a trail sign.

I don’t recall any of the details, but I’m sure we followed Toyon Trail all the way to Willowbrook Drive and a little extra to Corte Madera School.

Back then we were alone on the trail, but times have changed.

We took many trails and roads off Alpine Road, but even in those days landowners were none too happy to see us.

There is some good news here. “Alpine Road” East beyond the green gate is finally going to be improved to a six-foot-wide trail with appropriate culverts and that nasty steep single-track obliterated, I’m looking forward again to riding to Page Mill Road, maybe by 2023.

Alpine Road hasn’t changed much since being paved way back when, probably in stages starting in the 1940s.

It’s still a narrow, winding road that caresses the mind as it climbs gently along Corte Madera Creek under the shade of trees. It’s my favorite gateway into the Santa Cruz Mountains.

One Response to “Trail memories keep coming”

  1. Brian Cox Says:

    I know the approximate dates for the last 2 sections of Alpine Rd that were paved. When I rode it in Spring 1969, it turned to dirt at Hamms Gulch Rd and was open to autos all the way to Page Mill. The section from Hamms Gulch to Joaquin was paved in the mid-1970s. The last 2.25 miles were closed to autos about the same time. The short bit from Joaquin to the gate was paved by the mid-1980s

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