Gloom haven on Skyline Boulevard

Upper Alpine Road on a winter’s day.

Today’s ride could be described as “gloomy,” in every sense of the word.

Upper Alpine Road sat in a pea-soup fog, but things got better after descending a couple hundred feet.

During these Covid19 days open space trails are crawling with residents who would normally be walking the malls.

I’ve never seen so many people enjoying the outdoors, even on a day better suited for watching TV on a warm couch.

Despite our recent “rain” events, the ground is barely wet. The local reservoirs are empty.

Ending on yet another sour note, the trash on Hwy 84 near La Honda is revolting. Beer cans and bottles litter the roadside.

I always wondered if county road crews picked up trash. Now I figure they did, before Covid came along.

Somebody in La Honda needs to round up some volunteers to clean the road.

One bright note on a dreary day, the hairpin turn on Alpine Road.

One Response to “Gloom haven on Skyline Boulevard”

  1. jamesRides Says:

    Nice foggy photo. Rode up 9 yesterday morning on the mountain bike expecting fog but got sunshine instead. Nice ride, a little traffic. Was going to ride the Long Ridge and Skyline Ridge trails to Russian Ridge but Peters Creek and the main Ridge and Chestnut trails were closed to bikes. Long Ridge trail was open but muddy and offered long stretching views both south and north including Butano ridge where you can see the effects of the fires. Few riders – so if you get a chance! Rode back on Grizzly to Stevens Canyon trail. Some hikers and bikers on Grizzly and Stevens Canyon, not many.

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