Longest dirt roads in the South and North Bay

Duck hunting, and viewing, season is underway in the Baylands.

Nowadays my adventure rides on dirt roads have come down to tooling around on the Bay Trail.

Back in the days of Jobst Rides we almost always found some dirt to keep our attention, but the distances weren’t that far.

Today I can ride a nine-mile loop, all on dirt, starting in Alviso. Finding a route that long in the Santa Cruz Mountains is a challenge. Point to point that is.

The longest Santa Cruz Mountains route — uninterrupted by pavement — we did was Buzzard Lagoon Road / Aptos Creek Fire Road, a total of 12.3 miles.

The only rides longer would be any number of routes in Henry W. Coe State Park.

The Haul Road, if open its entire length, would be 9.5 miles point to point. The possibility of riding from Hwy 9 to Pescadero Creek Road remains a tantalizing dream.

One other ride worthy of mention is our epic journey through Point Reyes National Seashore. It totaled 17 miles all on dirt starting from Bear Valley Visitor Center, up Mt. Wittenberg (didn’t do it on coast ride), down Bear Valley Trail to the coast and then to Bolinas. Of course, we started from the Golden Gate Bridge on that ride, heading up the Mt. Tamalpais railroad grade.

That Point Reyes ride remains a dream for cyclists as well. Those were the days…

Nearby Bolinas Ridge Trail deserves mention, all 11.3 legal miles.

One Response to “Longest dirt roads in the South and North Bay”

  1. Robert Neff Says:

    Dirt Alpine to Stevens Canyon (to ??? connect up towards skyline?)
    Stevens Canyon has some steepness. Maybe that is not long enough to rate. Paved Alpine from Portola and Stevens Canyon to Mt. Eden are pretty attractive for pavement. Can you add those?

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