Big Basin State Park in ashes

Big Basin Park HQ on April 11, 2009. I also rode through on May 4 when the park was closed by Covid19.

It’s worse than I thought, much worse. This morning I read in the Mercury News that one of our most precious natural wonders — old-growth redwoods — have been ravaged by fire.

Big Basin Redwoods State Park headquarters and surrounding buildings burned to the ground.

Some old-growth redwoods will survive, but there are precious few of these majestic trees in the park, all of them concentrated next to headquarters.

Communities between Skyline Boulevard and Hwy 1 in San Mateo County are under evacuation orders.

Scotts Valley, Felton, and nearby communities have also been evacuated.

Butano Ridge in 1984. This entire area has burned and communities evacuated.

One Response to “Big Basin State Park in ashes”

  1. Peter Says:

    Thanks for sharing the Jobst photo.
    I am worried that the South winds will bring the conflagration into our neighborhood in Portola Valley.

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