Several fires blazing in the Santa Cruz Mountains

Fires in the distance, from Half Moon Bay. It looks eerily apocalyptic.

My old cycling grounds in the Santa Cruz Mountains are going up in smoke.

I say old because I no longer ride in the areas burning, but I can remember every detail of the lands. They’re remote and the terrain is rugged.

This is a sign of things to come in a time of global warming. We’ve had three consecutive years of wildfires so destructive in the Bay Area that they have altered my cycling plans.

These fires were all started by dry lightning from our really bizarre Sunday night storm.

According to Patch:

5-14 Fire is near Olmo Fire Road and Butano Fire Road in San Mateo County, 215 acres, 0% contained
5-15 Fire is near North Butano Truck Tail and Dearborn Park Road in San Mateo County, 272 acres, 0% contained
5-18 Fire is just south of Rhododendron Creek in San Mateo County, 117 acres, 0% contained
Warrenella Fire is near Cement Plant Road and Highway 1, close to Davenport, in Santa Cruz County, 120 acres, 5% contained
Waddell Fire is near the Old Coast Road and Highway 1 in Santa Cruz County, 118 acres, 0% contained

The first three fires are east of Butano State Park. There are a few remote fire roads here, but it’s mostly rugged, unoccupied forest. I used to ride Olmo Fire Road and Butano Fire Road, almost always downhill.

Dearborn Park Road bridges Pescadero Creek Road and Butano Ridge Trail. I’ve ridden it a few times.

Given the high heat we’re experiencing, my rides are finished by 9 a.m.

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