Mt. Hamilton Road needs our help

Not far from Grant Ranch Park. Do you really want to see this on your ride?

UPDATE: (Aug 10): I can’t blame Caltrans for their response, especially with a pandemic, but it is discouraging. “Caltrans appreciates you taking the time to provide us with your concerns. We are doing our best to keep the highways clean but no sooner do we clean up an area then it is littered again. There are pending tickets for the removal of debris that has been dumped along the hillside, but these items cannot be safely reached at this time. Caltrans is working on a solution to address this issue, and if you notice any illegal activity, please report this to the CHP by calling 911, because Caltrans has no law enforcement powers. Please also contact the Caltrans Adopt-A-Highway Program regarding future participation in helping to maintain sections of roadside within California’s State Highway System.”
UPDATE (Aug 6): Going forward, I’ll leave the filled bags next to driveways, where available, or at intersections where they won’t be in the way. Residents will mostly likely be happy to toss the trash. Larger loads are more of an issue. Contact Caltrans and submit a pickup request, since the road is a state highway.

UPDATE (Aug 5): I filled 5 bags this morning up to Lori Anne Ln., left side only going up. There isn’t as much on the right, and there are several dumpings that would require a truck or the like. Higher up it may be more efficient to collect on a bike with a trailer.

The large dumpings are not an easy fix. Mt. Hamilton Road has fast-moving traffic and no shoulder and some guardrails. Anyone trying to remove these large accumulations would have to manage traffic for safety.

These large dumpings are hard to remove. Plastic is badly degraded. A half mile up from Alum Rock Avenue.

If you’re interested in helping clean Mt. Hamilton Road, let me know.

The first mile is the worst. Six people could probably clear it in an hour.

The other problems are more difficult, like large appliances dumped over steep slopes.

There are also lots of bags with garbage. A pickup truck is called for.

I’ll give a date and time. Location at base of Mt. Hamilton, Alum Rock Avenue.

You should bring your own picker. They’re only about $10, but worth it.

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