Dirty Jobs — Cyclists signing up to clean their streets

Bicyclean! crew of Rick and Genny working away on Foothill Expressway on Friday.

Rick Denman and an army of volunteers are doing their part to keep our South Bay streets clean — free of charge.

I knew it was only a matter of time before I pedaled by Rick. I first saw him on Highway 9 while driving by to go for a ride. This time I was on my bike on Foothill Expressway, so I stopped and thanked Rick and Genevieve Fire-Halvorsen for tidying up all the litter.

Denman, who is no stranger to cycling, has a passion for seeing clean roads. He joined a group in Southern California called Topanga Trash Warriors and quickly learned he could cover more ground by bike. He started using a trailer so he could haul even more garbage.

Now the Los Altos resident can be seen between Highway 9 and Woodside gathering trash on our favorite bike routes.

The work of Bicyclean! has not gone unnoticed. Ned Fluet, Woodside mayor, thanked Rick and the Bicyclean! group (on Facebook) for their efforts.

We all can do our part. Adopt a stretch of road, or a bus stop, a pedestrian overpass. Keep it clean.

I started cleaning up after homeless people at the 280 pedestrian overpass (Cypress). At times I had to go get the car to haul away all the trash. However, the situation improved and now I rarely see litter.

Back when I commuted by bus between Menlo Park and Cupertino, I made it a point to clean up around the bus stop while waiting. Every little bit helps.

You’d be amazed what you’ll find on our roads. In my 40 years of bike commuting I found dozens of work gloves, tools, and coins. One year I collected $6.80 in small coins.

It’s a dirty job, but Mike Rowe, TV host of “Dirty Jobs” will tell you there’s a nobility in doing hard manual labor. He’s right.

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