Skyline Boulevard on a Friday afternoon

Skyline Boulevard on Friday greeted me with mild temps and clear skies.

If you don’t mind cars racing by you at 70-80 mph, Skyline Boulevard on a Friday afternoon has a lot going for it.

I rode at noon along the spine of the Santa Cruz Mountains. Far better at noon than around 4 p.m. when mountain commuters fill the road.

I’m exaggerating of course. There were spans of up to two minutes when I didn’t hear the sound of tires on pavement.

In my previous life, today’s circuit of Old La Honda Road (36-minute climb this time), Skyline, Page Mill Road would have been a short ride. Now it’s a long ride.

The view of Old La Honda Road to the coast never grows old.

One Response to “Skyline Boulevard on a Friday afternoon”

  1. jamesRides Says:

    Page Mill to Old La Honda or 84 is my favorite road segment. It’s fast and the scenery is spectacular. That said I’m not riding that segment or 9 to Page Mill (either way) on 35 because the traffic is lawless. Will wait till autumn.

    Sunday mornings on 35 between 17 and 9 however have been very pleasant. There are more cars but they aren’t speeding and the seem to give you space. Lots of cars parked on the road sides though. Still surprisingly nice. Also on Sunday morning, rode Old La Honda (east) from Portola to 35 and then to Kings mountain. and traffic wasn’t too bad. The traffic slows down on this segment. Lots of Hot Rods (and 60’s type fuel emissions) at Alices but traffic thins out quickly afterwards and seems to be slower and more respectful of cyclists. Of course Skegs is on this segment and lots of the cars are being driven by bike riders. Recommended for a nice ride on Sunday morning,

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