New handlebar fixes problems

New handlebar makes riding much more enjoyable.

Today for my early morning ride, to beat the heat, I headed into Los Altos Hills “Prospect-ing” for new roads to ride.

I struck it rich so much so that even Huckleberry “Finn” would have been delighted by my success.

LAH has many trails, some even open for bikes, that are little noticed. The one I found today made my ride all the better because it eliminates the annoying El Monte Road – Elena Road – Moody Road intersection.

I also struck it rich with the new Dimension riser handlebar. It’s the more traditional straight bar, but it has a 100 mm rise to bring me about as upright as I was with my previous 3-speed handlebar.

The change came about to fix problems I have with my hands. The 3-speed bar put my hands directly onto sore spots. It’s a good thing because it was none too good for descending at speed.

The Dimension bar fixes my hand problem, keeps me upright to eliminate neck pain, improves descending, and I can even climb out of the saddle again, although not quite as good as a drop bar.

Secret path in Los Altos Hills.

2 Responses to “New handlebar fixes problems”

  1. Murali Says:

    You should share your “secret information” with us! From the picture, it looks like it is legal to access.

    I was guessing you might try Magdalena – Stonebrook – Summit – La Loma – Summit Wood – Tepa. But what you showed is not on that route.

  2. jim sullivan Says:

    What’s made a huge positive w my wrist-shoulder discomfort is utilizing the Softride stem on all my bikes.
    Check em out El Ray, Jobst n I had many a discussion regarding Softride, lots of spirited back n forth.

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