Last chance to see the green hillsides

Beautiful view at Oak Glen Avenue and Sycamore Drive near Morgan Hill.

After this week, the hillsides will change from brilliant green to drab brown, so it was time for a ride into the South Bay to check up on our reservoirs.

They’re nowhere near as good looking as last year, but the reservoirs have some water after the mid-April rains. I recorded nine inches where I live, nothing to get excited about.

It felt like rush-hour traffic on Almaden Expressway this Sunday morning as dozens of hikers drove to nearby county parks and put those limited parking spaces to use.

Many cyclists also turned out as I headed south on McKean Road with a gentle tailwind. Calero Reservoir has its maximum allowable water, reduced for fear that it can’t withstand an earthquake.

Chesbro Reservoir, built in 1955, looked to be half full. Fisherman lined the shore hoping to make a catch. Not sure I’d want to eat anything caught here, given the amount of mercury circulating.

I struggled up the tough climb that I call Chicken Coop Hill on Sycamore Drive, a 15-percent grade.

Uvas Reservoir, for some strange reason, is at 80 percent capacity, and it looks it. The Santa Cruz Mountains, rest assured, received a lot more than 9 inches this winter.

Nice thing about riding a bike, I can forget about the coronavirus. No better way to make my day.

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