Flowers and trees free from virus worries

Lovely flowers on a nice day. I think these are Lucifer Crocosmia, but correct me if I’m wrong.

It’s a good thing plants don’t get human viruses because I can’t imagine life without them right about now.

Unfortunately, plants have their own kind of viruses to live with, so even they are not immune.

I managed to ride to Woodside, which once upon a time would have been a short ride. My neck thanked the Frankenbike.

Even after 40 years, some of the narrow winding roads in and around this community haven’t lost their magic. They renew the spirit and bring back memories of rides into the Santa Cruz Mountains when age didn’t hold us back.

Two of my favorite roads are Albion and Manuella. Although only a short distance, they’re prototypical Northern California country roads where the uber wealthy live.

On a previous ride I checked out Villa Montalvo. It’s still open, which is my good fortune because it’s one of my favorite routes.

We have James D. Phelan, three-term mayor of San Francisco, to thank for building the mansion on 160 acres and then giving it to the public upon his death.

Too many cars jamming into tiny parking lots.

2 Responses to “Flowers and trees free from virus worries”

  1. jamesRides Says:

    Woodside and Portola Valley has definitely become more congested over the years so nice to see a few roads maintain their rural heritage.

    If you are riding near Villa Montalvo you might also want to ride the Overlook Trail which is part of El Sereno open space (bikes are allowed). The trail has a rural 1950’s feel to it. From 9 take Pepper to Glen Una to Canon to Overlook. (Canon becomes private as is Overlook but despite the No Bikes signs, you can ride these roads as I have been for 10 years). The trail puts you out in Los Gatos and you take Overlook back into downtown LG. The elevation is less than you’ll find at Villa Montalvo and the trail is not exceptionally harsh; you’ve ridden much more treacherous trails on your road bike during your Jobst rides, though I would normally ride a mountain bike on this trail (mostly because my loop usually includes the more serious Aquinas trail through El Sereno).

    • Ray Hosler Says:

      Overlook Trail is a wide dirt road and unremarkable. I came up from Los Gatos and appreciated a sign on a paved approach that said, “Private road, use at your own risk.” On the other end there’s a “no bikes” sign put there by local owners. After repeated efforts to find out more about Canon Road, I suspect it is private for a signed stretch after all. It’s not in Los Gatos, Monte Sereno or Saratoga city limits. I’ve ridden it a couple of times, but these days I just ride up to the sign and turn around. The road is narrow.

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