Every day feels like Christmas morning

Santana Row on a slow day. Really slow day.

About the only occasion when traffic comes to a standstill in the Bay Area is Christmas morning. I remember the time I rode up Hwy 17 (a four-lane highway over the Santa Cruz Mountains) on Christmas morning thinking I wouldn’t see any cars.

Well, I saw plenty of cars even though traffic wasn’t anything like it is on a normal day.

Today I didn’t stray far from home because the skies looked like they were about to unleash some badly needed precipitation. They’re still thinking about it as we creep into a drought (only 7 inches this rain season).

My ride took me to Santana Row, one of the most upscale shopping/living areas anywhere in the world. It looks like a faux Paris.

Just a few people out for a stroll.

At what was once the parking lot for the Century 20s theaters a huge concrete structure is going up. It sure looks like a parking garage.

I rode under the 280 interstate through a pedestrian walkway, riding by a homeless person sprawled out on the hard, cold concrete. His thin sleeping bag couldn’t have kept him warm.

Only someone loaded up with alcohol or drugs could sleep through such harsh conditions.

One of the dome theaters is still standing. A parking garage and three office buildings to come.

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