Bike riding in a ghost town

I live in the heart of Silicon Valley, the world’s most innovative, and expensive, slice of real estate, but now it’s a ghost town.

On my Saturday ride around town I enjoyed clear, fresh air. It’s hard to explain, but I noticed. My lungs noticed.

Fortunately, the run on grocery stores has abated. There weren’t any lines outside and even the local store selling water didn’t have a line, but business was hopping.

In this day and age, filtered water is an essential service. And fortunately so is our city’s farmer’s market, which has a nice selection of fruits, vegetables, cooked food and even beef from a local ranch.

As expected, San Tomas Aquino Creek Trail had its share of walkers and cyclists. However, it was nowhere near as bad as lunch hour on a weekday in the summer. The trail becomes unrideable.

The weather continues to be cool and cloudy with scattered showers. I anticipate seeing even more walkers in the coming days when spring brings warm weather.

Last night I watched Breaking Away, and after 40 years it hasn’t lost any of its endearing appeal. It reminded me of those exciting times when bike riding became a passion, when rides with Jobst Brandt and his cadre became a weekly escapade.

Those were the days.

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