Best bicycle movie of all time? Breaking Away

Breaking Away is a must- watch movie that will bring some happiness your way.

While we’re enjoying our time in limbo, here’s an opportunity to catch up on some good movies. My favorite bicycle movie is Breaking Away. I’ll never forget going to the downtown Palo Alto movie theater with some local racers one evening and having a blast.

The best scene for me was when Dennis Quaid sat with his friends on a hill overlooking the Indiana University football field watching a squad practice. Mike, a “wannabe” quarterback in high school, lamented his situation as a “townie.”

“…Twenty-year-old Mike, 30-year-old Mike, mean old Mike…”

Breaking Away won Steve Tesich the 1979 Academy Award for best original screenplay. The smart dialogue and  earthy Midwestern values made the movie compelling to watch. We laughed, we cheered. The  story is based on actual events in Tesich’s life. There was and still is a Little 500 bike race.

The road race scene with Dave Stohler (played by Dennis Christopher), the main character, includes local amateur racers. (Check out this interview with our local bike media friend Bruce Hildenbrand.)

Most cyclists over age 40 have already seen the movie, but younger riders may not know about it. It’s available to rent on YouTube for $3.99.


2 Responses to “Best bicycle movie of all time? Breaking Away”

  1. Says:

    The main reason why I want a gran masi from that era with the decals in the movie, which I think are simple and classy

  2. RGT Says:

    Dennis Christopher interview:

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