Elevated bike roundabout: Only in the Netherlands

Mary Avenue bridge over Hwy 280 reminds me of the new bike roundabout in Eindhoven.

Mary Avenue bridge over Hwy 280 reminds me of the new bike roundabout in Eindhoven.

As did many, I saw the jaw-dropping Eindhoven, Netherlands, bike roundabout in a recent edition of National Geographic. I will link to a video here so you can take it all in.

You would expect to see something of this grandeur in the Netherlands where cycling is a means of transportation rather than weekend exercise.

It reminds me of our Taj Mahal Sunnyvale-Cupertino bike bridge over Hwy 280. I don’t mind beautiful structures, but sadly beautiful translates to expensive even in bridge building (our new Bay Bridge for example).

Reading the account of why the bridge was built, it comes off sounding defensive. Children living in the area and dangerous intersections to negotiate it says, although the intersections are all on nice bike paths so it doesn’t look that bad.

Still, I’m impressed with the design, especially seeing it at night. If we look at the money wasted by government on truly senseless projects, bike conveniences like this are money well spent.

2 Responses to “Elevated bike roundabout: Only in the Netherlands”

  1. ted pauly Says:

    I like it Ray. Cyclists get to look down upon the cars.
    Very cool. Do you know what city in the world has the most
    bike lanes? ( I think I know)
    Happy Solstice full moon summer!!!

  2. ted pauly Says:

    hello again ray. what happened, hope you didn’t fall off your bike. did the heat get you down? perhaps your vacationing in france?
    at any rate, hope you are doing well. miss your weekly blog. take it easy wherever you may be. I finally made it into Bonny Doon the other day, first time ever, and felt like I had finally arrived…
    Any thoughts?

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