2013 Alpine Road Calendar Available Now

Available on Magcloud, a 2013 calendar featuring Alpine Road from the 1980s.

Back in the 1980s Alpine Road started its slow decline into oblivion as San Mateo County abandoned the road. The last maintenance occurred in December 1989 when it was graded. However, the county never cleared culverts, so around 1994 a culvert plugged and a massive slide took out the road. That’s why there’s a steep, gnarly trail that has to be negotiated.

The 2013 calendar captures what it was like in its heyday. The calendar marks major U.S. holidays and area road races, although some dates are tentative. Enjoy.

One Response to “2013 Alpine Road Calendar Available Now”

  1. jkeehan Says:

    This brings back memories as the ride was a staple of my early ’80s riding. My preference was going up on a road bike. Didn’t like the trail as much when it started to get popular with descending mountain bikers.

    IMO the heavy rains in spring of ’86 really ruined it for road bikes. That was probably the last year I was on it.

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