What Signage Should be Added at Page Mill and Moody Roads?

You have until November 22 to fill out this poll. I’ll share results with local officials.


2 Responses to “What Signage Should be Added at Page Mill and Moody Roads?”

  1. Robert Walmsley Says:

    I think the large mirror idea combined with clearing a view line up Page Mill from the position for making an uphill left turn just before Moody. It seems unfair to impose a stop sign on all Page Mill traffic for a few residents who could come up Moody. That said, it is a dangerous corner which a large mirror would help. They might also modify the driveway for access from Moody so that they could turn onto Moody and then into their driveway. This would allow a better view up Page Mill and a better view of them coming down Page Mill.

  2. jay keehan Says:

    I typically slow to about 20 mph when entering this turn but may slow more if a flashing warning was posted

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