Three Creeks Trail Hangs in the Balance

Three Creeks Trail proposed alignment

While progress is being made toward developing creek trails in the South Bay, there’s no trail connection between the big three: Los Gatos Creek, Guadalupe River, and Coyote Creek.

Three Creeks Trail is seen as the best way to link the creek trails. It runs south of Interstate 280, from Willow Glen to the Kelley Park area following abandoned railroad right-of-ways some of the way.

Unfortunately, a lot of this area is already under development and the trail is “late for the train” so to speak, which means a lot of political balls are being juggled at once, both by the city of San Jose and Santa Clara County. Anything involving a railroad right-of-way also complicates matters.

I’m looking forward to the day (will I live to see it?) when Coyote Creek Trail is finished. There’s a lot of work to be done between Tully Road and Montague Expressway, but once complete, it’s going to open up a lot of opportunities for car-free riding.

What puzzles me now is why Coyote Creek Trail under Hwy 237 isn’t open. I can see we planned for a trail here, but it remains closed. Only the homeless are making good use of it.

In other uplifting news, according to the Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition (SVBC), the Santa Clara County special events ordinance, which I wrote about in June, was revised and this time our officials listened to the Bicycle Pedestrian and Advisory Committee. The SVBC says it meets with their approval as written, so you can be sure it doesn’t single out cyclists unfairly.

One Response to “Three Creeks Trail Hangs in the Balance”

  1. Ray Hosler Says:

    The trail project needs funds from the Open Space Authority, our tax dollars. They’re going to talk about it tonight at 6, 6980 Santa Teresa Blvd.

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