Bikes and Dogs Don’t Mix

City of Chico gets it. They flag 10 dangerous riding situations.

City of Chico gets it. They flag 10 dangerous riding situations.

I get really uncomfortable when I see someone riding a bike, dog in tow on a leash. Beverly Head felt that way too as she took her morning walk. She worried about dogs on Los Alamitos Creek Trail in south San Jose.

What happened next may be a fluke, but avoidable. On a fairly long leash, two Siberian Huskies strayed away from the cyclist on a mountain bike. Beverly got entangled in the leash and fell backwards onto her head. She died two days later.

I read this article in the San Jose Mercury News. It went on about how a law might be needed. A law is not needed. What people need is common sense. Unfortunately, there isn’t enough to go around, apparently.

I take a dim view of people who ride a bike with a dog loping along on a leash, people who talk on cell phones while cycling, people who listen to music with ear plugs in both ears while riding. I could go on.

A recent study by Stanford University researchers demonstrated that multi-tasking isn’t something people do well, although to hear it from people who do multi-task, they think they’re doing great.

Next time you see someone riding a bike with dog in tow, give him a wide berth and watch your back.

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